Samsung guilty of willful Patent Infringement, owes a billion to Apple

As news about the recent verdict in Apple’s patent infringement suit against Samsung makes the rounds on the internet, we thought it would helpful to provide a little insight. However, for those who are interested the amended verdict is available here. The verdict, is simply a copy of the form which was based upon the Read more about Samsung guilty of willful Patent Infringement, owes a billion to Apple[…]

Patent Reexamination

Paul Allen, former Microsoft co-founder recently brought a patent infringement suit based upon 4 of his patents against many notable companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, NetFlix, AOL and others.  Last week the district court granted a stay while the patents are being reexamined. Two of the reexamination requests (those for patents 6263507 and 6034652) were filed Read more about Patent Reexamination[…]

Presumption of Patent Validity Affirmed

Today, the Supreme Court affirmed the high presumption of validity associated with an issued patent in Microsoft v. i4i. In trying to overturn a $250 million patent infringement award against Microsoft, Microsoft attempted to argue that the presumption of validity under 35 U.S.C. §285 associated with an issued patent should be lower than the current Read more about Presumption of Patent Validity Affirmed[…]

Charlie Sheen’s Patent

While Charlie Sheen has been in the media recently for other reasons, did you know that beneath the media superstar lies the heart of a true inventor. He is an inventor on a patented Chapstick dispenser.