April 30, 2011

IP Valuation

Most businesses realize the value of leveraging assets for growth. In the past, this has typically been understood in terms of business assets such as land, manufacturing facilities and human capital. However, in today’s innovative society, this often includes intellectual property (patents, trademarks, trade dress or copyrights). Because of this, many companies are developing asset management systems for creating, extracting or leveraging the value from their intellectual property.

By understanding the value which a particular intellectual property adds to the company, a business can decide the most cost-effective method to use, protect, insure, sell, leverage or exchange the asset in the marketplace. Furthermore, because most business decisions relate to planning, negotiating or managing company assets, it is imperative to determine the value of those assets. To help ensure that your intellectual property assets are working hard for you, schedule a meeting with one of our IP Valuation experts. Working together, we can determine the value of your intellectual property.