April 30, 2011


American business has always been about innovation. Whether it’s Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford or Bill Gates, American innovation has defined the economic climate of the world. Even though innovation gets the horse out of the gate, running the race to the end is what keeps a business alive. If you lose your track shoes in the middle of the race, you don’t have time to go home and get another pair.

The same holds true with intellectual property. If you lose your intellectual property in the middle of the race, you don’t have time to go invent another product or develop another brand. This is why businesses spend the money and time to protect their intellectual property in the hopes that they will continue to grow and compete.

At the Intellectual Property Center, we understand that running a race requires knowledge of the business’s needs and the legal framework to protect those needs. Because we specialize in promoting and protecting intellectual property, you can be confident that with our help, your shoes will stay on.

Contact our office to schedule a meeting to discuss your intellectual property needs. We can also talk about presenting a seminar at your business to look at ways to protect and promote your business assets to help you maintain a competitive advantage.