August 13, 2018

Online Trademark Application

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Do you want to help prepare an online trademark application? Do you want to reduce the cost of the application? Complete the application yourself and we will file the application for a reduced fee of $400 plus cost and expenses.

You may want to have us prepare a trademark search prior to filing. To begin, the application process we will need you to answer the few simple questions below. You will need to select one or more of the categories of goods or services most similar to your use of your trademark. The government charges additional fees for each category, so make sure you check only those that you really want. If you select all categories, your filing fee will be over $10,000. To research your trademark prior to filing, you can visit our online trademark search page to see if the mark is already registered.

Once you have submitted the information below (along with payment of the trademark fee), a Registered Trademark Attorney will contact you for any additional information and to answer any questions you have about the trademark process or your trademark application.

If you would prefer to speak to someone and pay over the phone or would like to schedule a meeting with one of our trademark attorneys, you can call us at 888-472-0020.

    This form is to be used to provide information to us to evaluate and potentially prepare a trademark or service mark application. For the purpose of this form, we will refer to your potential trademark or service mark as a mark. You can complete the form on-line and when completed either print-off and mail/fax or email or electronically submit the form to us by selecting the Send button at the bottom of this form. You understand that whether you will receive a federally or state registered trademark or service mark will depend upon approval from a governmental entity and as such, we make no guarantees about whether your mark will be registered. The * items are required in order for us to prepare a trademark or service mark application. If at any time you have any questions about the form, feel free to contact our office at 1-888-472-0020 to speak with one of our staff.

    Please Describe Your Mark*

    Words/Letters Only (No Logo)Stylized W/LW/L + LogoLogo Only

    Enter your Mark

    Please enter the words or letters associated with your mark. If there are no words or letters in your trademark (i.e. a logo only) or if the mark includes words or letters which are represented in a stylized manner, enter "Stylized/Design".


    Please describe in detail what you are selling or offering to sale in association with your use of the Mark (i.e. the goods or services associated with your mark).

    Have You Used This Mark on any Goods/Services before?*
    Select "Yes" if you have used the Mark in connection with any sell or offer for sale of any goods or services described above.

    Please provide the dates of first use for each good or service identified above. First use, generally means use in interstate commerce i.e. across state lines in a traditional sense. Some examples include on a webpage, advertising across state lines or advertising through the mail or in a newspaper.
    How is the Mark currently being used (or intended to be sed) with the above identified Goods/Services*
    Placed Directly on the GoodsContainers or Packaging associated with the GoodsLabels or Tags associated with the GoodsAdvertisementsPromotional MaterialsWebsite(s)Other: This information is meant to provide information on what documents will illustrate how the Mark is actually being used in connection with the above identified goods and/or services. You may choose more than one option.
    Applicant Information for Trademark Registration
    Identify "who" should be the owner of any trademark registered by the United States Trademark Office or other governmental entity.
    Number of Applicants
    IndividualMore than oneCompanyOther:
    Identify the nature of the entity which should own the rights to the Mark.
    Names of All Applicant(s)*

    Company's Legal name*

    Enter the legal name of the company. This is the name of the company as registered with the state.
    State of Organization*

    Identify which state the individuals identified above reside or in which the company was organized.
    Names of Person Signing the Application on behalf of Applicant(s)*

    Title of Person Signing the Application (if applicable)

    Please upload or email an image of the Mark (if logo or stylized) along with a sample of the use of the Mark in connection with the sale or offer of sale of goods or services associated with the Mark.
    Image of Trademark*

    The file format should be a JPG, GIF or PDF.
    Contact Information of Applicant
    Please provide Applicant's contact information.
    First Name
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    Zip Code
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    Additional Trademark Services of Interest
    Identify any additional trademark assistance with which you may need assistance.
    Additional Trademark Services (Choose One or More)*
    Trademark SearchState Trademark RegistrationInternational/Foreign Trademark ApplicationRespond to Cease and DesistSend Cease and DesistInfringement/Litigation ReviewLicensingOther
    Terms of Use and Notice*
    By selecting the Send button below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Terms of Use and Notice on this website and that if required, will enter into a standard engagement agreement with Intellectual Property Center, LLC.