April 30, 2011


In the United States, entrepreneurial activity is the cornerstone of our national economy. Most entrepreneurial businesses achieve success through innovation, acceleration of value and leadership. As an entrepreneur, you know what makes your organization better than the others and what will help you grow. You also know that you cannot do everything yourself. You have to delegate: One, because your business success is often tied to your innovation, and two, because in today’s competitive marketplace, innovation needs to be protected, the Intellectual Property Center can positively contribute to the bottom line of your success. Protecting & Promoting your intellectual property – patents, copyrights and trademarks is what the Intellectual Property Center does best.

We also understand that as a new business or business venture, you have a large number of issues competing for your resources, your time and your money. That’s how we can help. We not only protect your innovation while working within your requirements but also help you leverage your existing assets to help your growth. As your business grows, your portfolio will grow. With a growing portfolio, you will have to decide which makes better business sense to sell a license to a third party or to retain all rights and sell or produce the invention yourself. As with any asset, you need to maximize the return from your investment. This is just one way the Intellectual Property Center can help your business. Speak with one of our Patent, Copyright or Trademark attorneys to help you and your business achieve success.