September 22, 2013

Patent Search

Patent Search

One of the Benefits of a patent search report is to find other patents

Researching Patents can help an Inventor discover similar Inventions

A patent search is a search of previously issued patents and published patent applications for inventions that might be relevant when applying for a patent.  Typically, a patent searcher looks for patent which may include the part of the invention which is identified as being important, the part which is thought to be, patentable, new and non-obvious.  A patent search is not a patent opinion and it is less expensive.

You can preform a patent search yourself or hire an attorney or law firm to conduct a search.  Many patent databases are publicly available, including the United States, which can be searched for free.  However, in some cases, it is helpful to have an experienced patent attorney do the research or review the research.  A professional patent search can help determine the chances of success you may have if you decide to file for a patent.  In addition, the patent search may also help determine if the invention meets some of the basic patent requirements for a patent, namely that the invention is new and non-obvious.

In order to conduct a search, a patent attorney may need a concise description of the invention, various alternative embodiments, the invention’s perceived novelty and its functionality.    A large portion of this information may be obtained through the use of an invention disclosure document.  After the patent attorney conducts a search of relevant patent records within the Patent Office, we can prepare a patent search report highlighting the results of the patent search.

Unless specifically requested, foreign patents, periodicals and textbooks are typically not searched for the Patent Search Report since they are not typically classified or as accessible as the United States Patents. As a result of the patentability search report, the inventor should have a better understanding of the potentially patentable aspects of the invention and be able to identify alternative embodiments of the invention. Although a patentability search and report is similar to an infringement opinion analysis, the scope is different and the results of a patentability report should not be considered as responsive to the issue of infringement because infringement and patentability are two separate issues.

The tool below is provided by Google to assist in preforming a free patent search. The use of the search tool will transmit any information to computers controlled by Google away from our website.  In addition, use of this searching tool (and our website) does not form an attorney-client relationship. If you would like to consult with an attorney to obtain legal advise, please schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys by calling our offices.

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