April 29, 2011

Our Clients

Our clients include artists looking to copyright their latest painting or inventors looking to patent the next great invention and businesses looking to invest in their growth and other lawyers.  We assist artists, inventors and other businesses around the U.S. and abroad in protecting and promoting their intellectual property through patent and trademark applications, copyright registrations, licensing negotiations and if necessary litigation.

Some examples of the industries we are currently providing or have provided intellectual property assistance include, advertising, aeronautical, agriculture, architecture, apparel, art, automotive, banking, broadcasting, business brokerage, computer, construction, data processing, design, educational institutions, educational services, engineering, entertainment, finance, food manufacturing, food service, health care, information technology, manufacturing, munitions, professional services, publishing, recreation, retail, real estate, software development, telecommunications, transportation, trucking and sporting industries.

At one time, intellectual property was considered only applicable to artists and inventors.  Now intellectual property protection is being utilized by most growing businesses.  In fact, many of yesterday’s small and medium sized businesses have grown into larger businesses as a result of growing their intellectual property assets.

So regardless of whether you are an inventor, artist or business owner, feel free to review our website to learn more about intellectual property and what legal services we offer.  If there is something we can do to assist you, your business or your clients, please contact us.