August 14, 2018

Intellectual Property Mediation

Mediation of intellectual property disputes can sometimes help resolve parties conflict in a more cost effective manner than typical litigation.

Mediation, one of the many types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes offer many advantages which intellectual property litigation may not.  Firstly, it is typically less expensive than filing a lawsuit.  In addition, it helps the parties control the process more and thus helps them control the costs and expenses.  Mediation also helps maintain the confidential nature of some intellectual property proceedings, which may not be possible when filing a lawsuit in federal or state court which is publicly and available for everyone to read.

Mediation also helps the parties maintain some type of ongoing relationship, which a lawsuit might discourage.  For example, if the parties are involved in an ongoing trademark license, franchise, contract or employment matter, mediation may help resolve the parties core concerns which the law may not.  If you have a patent, copyright or trademark dispute and want to avoid the cost of litigation, let us help resolve the dispute through mediation or some other type of ADR.