April 30, 2011


Beginning in 1790, the United States Patent & Trademark Office granted more than 6 million patents. Originally stimulated by the industrial revolution, the number of patents has continued to climb since the 19th century. The American way of life, which is the envy of many developing countries, is founded upon intellectual innovations Inventions have helped societies grow by becoming more efficient, healthier and as a whole, wealthier. Some inventions stand out, such as the telephone, penicillin, electric lighting, the automobile, computers and television. Although not as prominent, other inventions have also contributed to society’s growth, such as the paperclip, weed-eater, facial tissue and plastic bags.

The innovation of the individual inventor is the bedrock of our society. Without the sweat, dedication and resourcefulness of the individual inventor, society would not be what it is today. The founders of the American constitution knew that social growth could only be furthered by individual innovations. Therefore, they granted inventors of a new and useful invention a monopoly right to prevent others from exploiting their invention. However, failure to file for a patent may cause the inventor to forfeit any rights under current U.S. patent laws. If you have an invention for which you would like to apply for patent protection, please contact one of our experienced patent attorneys as soon as possible. Your ability to claim any patent protection may depend upon it.