How Much does a Patent Cost

Cost of a Patent

One of the first questions from inventors is how much does a patent cost.  The answer, unfortunately varies.  You can file your own patent for as little as a few hundred dollars.  However, because of the complexity and potential value most people prefer to have a patent attorney file a patent application. To have a patent attorney prepare a patent will increase that cost from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.  The cost depends on the type of patent, the complexity of the invention and the amount of time spent preparing the patent application.

Different types of Patents

There are different types of patents: Utility patents, Design Patents and plant patents.

Design patents protect the ornamental features of a useful invention. While a utility patent provides protection for the way an article is used or works, design patents protects the way it looks. Design patents provide limited protection and have a shorter duration than a utility patent.  Design patents last approximately 15 years.

In contrast, Utility patents protect the use, function or process of an invention. Utility patents prevent use of an unauthorized machine, apparatus or process. A Utility patent is the most common type of patent.  Utility patents are the strongest.  It has the longest term of protection, 20 years. Utility patent also provides the best protection against an infringer. You can indicate you are patent pending once you file a patent application.

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