October 27, 2016


Intellectual Property Litigation, Patent Infringement Copyright Infringement Trademark Infringment

We have vast experience in high-stakes intellectual property litigation, including copyright, trademark and patent infringement litigation. In some cases, the future of our clients success was at risk. Whether your dispute involves bet-the-company stakes or is a simple business dispute that needs resolution, we have the experience to cost-effectively handle the disputes including non-compete agreements, trade dress infringement, trade secret infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement or patent infringement cases. If you would like to inquire about a specific case, please contact us to discuss the matter as soon as possible.

Examples of our experience:

Copyright Infringement
  • Representation of a nationally renowned artist in a case in federal court involving infringement of his copyrighted works via the internet.
  • Representation of a manufacturer in a federal court case involving copyright infringement of proprietary payment system software.
  • Representation of a marketing company against a national franchisor in a federal court case involving copyright infringement of marketing materials.
  • Representation of industrial analyst against local dealers in a federal court case involving copyright infringement of industry specific marketing information.
  • Representation of a software developer against unauthorized copying of his software in a federal court case involving copyright infringement.
  • Representation of an author against one of the largest international media companies in federal court case involving copyright infringement of a movie based upon a book.
  • Representation of a local transportation company against allegations of unauthorized copying of an electronic directory involving open source licensing.
  • Represented several clients in allegations of unlawful copyright infringement in federal court cases involving the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
  • Representation of a national sporting authority in a federal lawsuit involving the unauthorized use of his materials in a copyright infringement suit against a national publisher.
  • Successfully represented an internet based business against another internet based business who copied them and then attempting to bully them for example by claiming ownership of open-source code.
  • Successfully represented a local sport company against another competitor who stole its name and logo in a copyright infringement and trademark infringement case.  
Trademark Infringement
  • Representation of internationally-based website in a federal case involving trademark infringement issues in international sports.
  • Representation of an international diversified agricultural business in a federal case involving alleged trademark infringement against another international agriculture company.
  • Representation of a local seasonal business in a state common law trademark dispute in state court.
  • Representation of a regional franchise based company against a local company in federal court involving unauthorized trade mark and trade dress infringement.
  • Assisted a regional manufacturing company in the appeal of a trade secret dispute involving former employees.
  • Represented a local internet based business against allegations of trade secrets violations in state court.
  • Representation of a local computer company against a large electronics retailer in a dispute based upon trademarks in federal court.
  • Representation of a local company against unauthorized use of a federally and state registered trademark and trade dress.
  • Representation of domestic and international companies in various industries in cases before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Representation of a internet based design company against another designer.  
  • Representation of a local sports organization whose name and logo were copied by a competitor in a trademark infringement case.
  • Represented a internet design company against another internet design company who attempted to claim trade dress on a functional item.
Patent Infringement
  • Representation of a manufacturing company over the design of one of its major products in a federal court case that also included trademark and trade-dress claims.
  • Representation of an industrial company over a patent based upon an invention by an employee involving shop rights and co-inventor concerns.