An Ode to Stan Lee

An Ode to Stan Lee

With Grief we lost a Poet

of Injustice, Villains and Bullies

A Captain for the Outcasts

Exposing Evils, Thugs and Tyrants

Heroes created from Gamma, Cosmic, and Vita Rays

Humanity was protected

You dreamed of the Great Novel

Which you Created in your Head

Among the Heavens with the Creators

Of X-Men, Hulk, and Thor

With Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Black Panther

You made the Hero likeable

Instead of Bridges, Bakeries, and Buildings,

You were the Architect of our Imagination

Bringing Fantasy to Reality

Surfing Space you brought Respect

Teaching With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

We saw a world where Righteousness confronted Racism

Weakness was a Virtue, a Moral Code by everyone

My senses are exposed without a future for the Hero

A Paper in your Pocket; A Pencil in your Hand,

You climbed the Stairway alongside us

Bringing Happiness, you Lit the Way