The Next Transformers Battle

Hasbro, the famous toy maker, has filed a trademark infringement suit against computer maker, Asus over the use of the “Transformer” mark.
Asus, the maker of iPad tablet type of computers, unveiled the new “Eee Pad Transformer,” an Android-based tablet that can convert to a notebook via a docking station.

Last month, Asus expanded their computer line with the “Transformer Prime,” a tablet-laptop computer. Asus, the lastest “Decepticon” to join in the Transformer battle may be hoping it can capitalize on the success which the Transformers are currently having. However, as any child will tell you the “Decepticons” always loose.

Hasbro, however, is not so pleased with Asus’s marketing endeavors. Hasbro began the Transformer line of toys in 1984 as a line of tiny robots that converted into vehicles. The toys have been hugely successful and today the Transformer brand is utilized widely in books, cartoons, movies, apparel and various other paraphernalia including a car.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Hasbro said it contacted Asus about the use of the Transformer mark and Asus refused to comply.

Hasbro claims that marketing of Asus’s Transformer Prime uses scenes which “closely resembles imagery used in Transformers movies and video games, in particular evoking the Transformers home planet of Cybertron.”

The lawsuit is for trademark infringement, unfair competition, and trademark dilution. Hasbro is seeking damages and injunctive relief.