When Computer Information Causes Harm

The mishandling of computer information can cause economic and physical harm. Computer information errors may damage vital systems that we rely on in everyday life, and/or convey incorrect information to entities such as:

Utility companies (electric, gas, water, trash)
Credit card companies
Air traffic controllers
The stock market
Types of Human Error
Erroneous information in a computer system could be a result of computer errors or human mistakes. These may include:

Inaccurate data entry
Inadequate programming
Trespassing and interference
Tampering, such as installing disabling mechanisms, viruses that erase data, or worms that slow or stall systems
If harm has occurred as a result of human error in handling computer information, the following factors may be considered in determining the amount of damages awarded:

Attorney’s fees
Lost profits
Damage to reputation because of slander
Physical or property damage
Emotional distress
Punishment of the perpetrator(s)