Trademark Lawsuit for Similiar Clothing Logo

In a trademark lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Sportswear company Wooter said that Dick’s Sporting Goods use of an infinity logo is virtually identical to its infinity-symbol and thus likely to cause customer confusion baseed on the overlapping clothing markets and is seeking $8 Mill in damages.

Celebrating Taco Tuesdays is now Free for all. Photo credit Chad Montano.

Taco Tuesday Trademark is Free for All

After a long legal battle, the phrase “Taco Tuesday” is now free for anyone to use as a result of drawn out litigation from Taco Bell. This is a victory for Taco Bell, which has been trying to make the phrase “Taco Tuesday” a generic term that anyone can use.

Registering a Trademark used in Commerce

Registering a Trademark Trademarks are protected under state, federal and common law based on proof of actual use of the particular word, phrase, style, design, color, smell or sound.  Registration provides several important benefits, including the ability to obtain monetary damages and certain presumptions after a period of time on the principal registry. Federal registration Read more about Registering a Trademark used in Commerce[…]