August 16, 2013

Why Use KC Trademark Attorney

On the internet, many websites and companies offer trademark filing services for a low price.  However, using a full service law firm with licensed professional Kansas City (KC) trademark attorneys, like us, can offer the following advantages.

  1. ®  We are a full service law firm – We have licensed trademark attorney’s available to answer your questions, advise you and guide you through the trademark registration process
  2. ®   We discuss the benefits of preforming a search and can discuss your goals and discuss the if a trademark is necessary and if so, can present a strategy  which matches your business goals
  3. ®  We can draft letters to advise you and others of  your trademark rights
  4. ®  We can provide legal advise as to the registrability of your trademark in advance of applying for registration, often saving you money and frustration
  5. ®  Our success rate for registration is extremely high for marks we have cleared for registration
  6. ®  We offer a free knock-out search as part of our filing procedure