Potential Court Ordered Remedies for Patent Infringement

Remedies for Patent Infringement What patent infringement remedies are available when someone violates your patent rights?  What happens when someone infringes your patent rights?  Can you sue them?  Can you get money?  Can you stop them?  Yes, in some cases. Patent Infringement occurs when someone makes, uses or sells a product which is covered by Read more about Potential Court Ordered Remedies for Patent Infringement[…]

Fanciful Trademark

Many people wonder about a Fanciful Trademark?  Why should anyone want a fanciful trademark? Generally, trademarks help consumers distinguish one product or service from another by acting as a source identifier.  It helps consumers wanting to purchase Quaker Oats branded oatmeal purchase Quaker Oats and not some “knock-off.” Trademark protection offers greater protection for stronger Read more about Fanciful Trademark[…]