What is a Patent?

What is a Patent?  Patents are basically ownership of a tool, product, or process and once ownership of a patent is obtained, anyone hoping to use the patent must pay the owner money which is typically provided under license.  This payment is sometimes referred to as a royalty. Ownership of a patent is like owning property and Read more about What is a Patent?[…]

Patent Infringement

How to Stop Patent Infringement Patent Infringement refers to someone who uses, makes or sells your patented invention without permission. Typically, a patent gives the patent owner the right to obtain a license from anyone who makes, uses or sells the invention, for example your tool, machine or process. To stop someone, the inventor may Read more about Patent Infringement[…]

How to Copyright Music

We meet with many artists who ask how to copyright music.  To many people, music can mean many things. Music may refer to the lyrics, music videos, the music recorded by a sound recording, the musical composition and arrangement, or it may mean the live performance of the music. The first step in copyrighting music is Read more about How to Copyright Music[…]