Apple sues Amazon for trademark infringement

In a complaint filed in Federal District Court on March 18, 2011, Apple has sued Amazon for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Apple is requesting an order from the Court to prevent Amazon from using the “App Store” trademark in connection with the sale/advertising of software and for unspecified damages. At the same time, Microsoft Read more about Apple sues Amazon for trademark infringement[…]

Movie file-sharing suit dropped

It was announced that the company suing thousands of BitTorrent movie downloaders  under a profit making litigation scheme has dismissed thousands of alleged downloaders from suit, including those who downloaded The Hurt Locker. The makers of The Hurt Locker have now announced a cease-fire in the BitTorrent cases, together with the alleged sharers of Call Read more about Movie file-sharing suit dropped[…]

Charlie Sheen’s Patent

While Charlie Sheen has been in the media recently for other reasons, did you know that beneath the media superstar lies the heart of a true inventor. He is an inventor on a patented Chapstick dispenser.

White House Recommends increasing the Criminal Penalties for Intellectual Property

The White House released a white paper recommending increasing the penalties for intellectual property crimes. The recommendations involve increasing rights and penalties “so as to more effectively address the substantial harm caused by intellectual property crimes.” Recommended changes include: Increase prison term for counterfeit drug distributors; Increase prison terms for theft of trade secrets; Increase Read more about White House Recommends increasing the Criminal Penalties for Intellectual Property[…]