Online Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a growing concern for businesses or individuals with an internet presence. In order to prevent onging infringement, a take down request may be sent to the infringing party adressing the infringement. In addition to the owner of the website, the online service provider (OSP) may also be liable for the display of Read more about Online Copyright Infringement[…]

Trademark Licensing

A trademark license is a contractual arrangement whereby a trademark owner permits another to use the owner’s trademark under circumstances where, but for the license; the other would be a trademark infringer. However, such a license is unnecessary where the use of the mark would not infringe, such as where the other user is merely Read more about Trademark Licensing[…]

Trademark Dilution 2006

In general, trademark infringement liability occurs when a mark is used in a way to create consumer confusion. This occurs when the mark or a similar mark is used in a way that is likely to confuse the public into incorrectly believing that the trademark owner is the source or sponsor of another’s products. However, Read more about Trademark Dilution 2006[…]

Remedies for Patent Infringement

Under theories of patent infringement, there are no criminal penalties, but civil remedies are available in the United States under federal law. There are several forms of relief available to the patent owner who has successfully proven patent infringement. In such a civil action, the courts may afford either or both of two basic remedies Read more about Remedies for Patent Infringement[…]

Multiple Inventions Within a Single Patent

A patent application may contain claims to more than one invention. If an application contains claims to more than one invention, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may impose a restriction requirement. The applicant must then elect which one of the inventions should remain within the current application. However, if you choose not Read more about Multiple Inventions Within a Single Patent[…]