Computer Programs – Copyright or Patent?

A popular question regarding Computer Programs is how should they be protected, with a Patent or a Copyright? Generally, it depends on what aspects need protection. If the graphical or textual elements, including the source code need protection, copyright. However, if the functional aspects of the program need protection, then patent protection should not be Read more about Computer Programs – Copyright or Patent?[…]

Protecting your Trademarks on the Internet

A Trademark may be used within a domain name such as or If the use of the domain name incorporates a trademark of another, or if the web site content associated with the domain name unlawfully and illegally utilizes the trademark or service mark of another, the domain maybe transferred or cancelled under Read more about Protecting your Trademarks on the Internet[…]

Protecting Distinctive Scents

While some clients may joke that an attorney is motivated simply by the smell of money, smells are no joking matter for some innovative businesses, they mean money. As decided by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in a landmark decision, Distinctive fragrances are eligible for federal trademark registration. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Read more about Protecting Distinctive Scents[…]

Patenting Multiple Inventions in a Single Patent Application

Under US laws, a patent application may only be directed to a single invention. If a patent application contains claims to more than one independent and distinct invention, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may impose a restriction requirement on the applicant to separate out the inventions. The applicant must then elect one Read more about Patenting Multiple Inventions in a Single Patent Application[…]

Patenting Business-Methods

It was the growing use of computers in business that forced the courts to decide once and for all in 1998 whether business methods could be patented, and indeed, many patented business methods involve the use of computers to do business on the Internet, sometimes referred to as “e-commerce.” The aftermath of the 1998 court Read more about Patenting Business-Methods[…]