Using Patents and Trade Secrets to Protect Innovation

Patents and Trade Secrets Patents protect inventions and Trade Secrets protect secret information which provides a competitive advantage. Research and development information that is maintained subject to the appropriate safeguards is protectable as a trade secret. The use of research and development may be protectable as an invention. A patent application must provide the following: Read more about Using Patents and Trade Secrets to Protect Innovation[…]

Copyright on the Internet

Copyright protects original authorship fixed in tangible form. For works transmitted online, the copyrightable authorship may consist of text, artwork, music, audiovisual material, sound recordings, etc. Copyright does not protect ideas, procedures, systems, or methods of operation. Under U.S. law, copyright protection subsists from the time the work is fixed. Copyright registration is not mandatory, Read more about Copyright on the Internet[…]

Exception to Trademark Protection

Although, Trademarks and Service Marks are protected under U.S. law, a party is entitled to use a trademark in such as way as to describe the qualities that a mark represents as long as the use is in a descriptive sense and not used to confuse consumers. Fair use of a trademark occurs when a Read more about Exception to Trademark Protection[…]

Personal Names as Trademarks

Originally, the protection of Trademarks and Service marks was created to reward businesses for developing quality products and services. In addition, Trademark laws prevent consumer confusion. However, Marks which primarily use a person’s name may not be associated with a business and may merely a descriptive mark which will qualify for little if any protection. Read more about Personal Names as Trademarks[…]

How Much Money should I make from my Patent?

A good invention will not make a single dime from a patent application; However, a good patent attorney, may be able to help the inventor in other ways. After applying for a patent, inventors frequently find themselves in a position where they lack the resources to develop and market their inventions. Others with the necessary Read more about How Much Money should I make from my Patent?[…]