Protecting Yourself from Cybersquatters

In order to navigate the Internet, users enter the alphanumeric names of the Web sites they wish to visit, known as domain names. Behind the scenes, root servers match the domain name entered into a browser to the actual numeric address that is used to route the user’s browser to the proper site. In order Read more about Protecting Yourself from Cybersquatters[…]

False Advertising, Unfair Competition related to Trademarks

Any advertising which is misleading in any material respect is considered false advertising. An advertisement is considered misleading if it fails to disclose facts that are important in light of what is stated in the advertisement or facts that are relevant in the light of the customary use of the product. The Federal Trade Commission Read more about False Advertising, Unfair Competition related to Trademarks[…]

Protection of Trademarks under Common Law

Unlike other forms of intellectual property, protection of trademark rights is based upon actual use of the mark rather than by registration. Generally, the first party who uses a mark in commerce has the right to use the mark in that geographic area as well as in the natural zone of expansion for that geographic Read more about Protection of Trademarks under Common Law[…]

Patentable Subject Matter

Patent law specifies the general field of subject matter that may be patented as well as the conditions under which a patent may be obtained. In the language of the applicable statute, any person who “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement Read more about Patentable Subject Matter[…]

Beware of Invention Promotion Companies

The American Inventors Protection Act which was enacted November 29, 1999, and amended by the Intellectual Property and High Technology Technical Amendments Act of 2002; helps protect inventors against deceptive practices of certain invention promotion companies. It requires invention promoters to disclose in writing the number of positive and negative evaluations of inventions they have Read more about Beware of Invention Promotion Companies[…]