When Computer Information Causes Harm

The mishandling of computer information can cause economic and physical harm. Computer information errors may damage vital systems that we rely on in everyday life, and/or convey incorrect information to entities such as: Hospitals Utility companies (electric, gas, water, trash) Banks Credit card companies Air traffic controllers The stock market Types of Human Error Erroneous Read more about When Computer Information Causes Harm[…]

When an Employers Steal Employee Ideas

Generally, when employees conceive of or create inventions that are subsequently used by their employers, such employees should be compensated for the use of that idea. The use of the idea without compensation may be considered unjust enrichment (for benefits derived from the use of the employee’s idea). This is true especially in cases where Read more about When an Employers Steal Employee Ideas[…]

Misappropriation of Name & Likeness

Photographs of people appear everywhere – on magazine covers, in television commercials and even on the Internet. In most circumstances, a person’s photograph or “likeness” may not be used by another for profit without that person’s consent. When unauthorized use does happen for commercial purposes it is commonly referred to as “misappropriation.” Although this is Read more about Misappropriation of Name & Likeness[…]

What Copyright Protection Does

It is important to know that a federal copyright exists on any original work from the moment of creation. However, by registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, a copyright holder will be able to take advantage of the benefits provided by the Copyright Act. Exclusive Rights The Copyright Act provides for the following Read more about What Copyright Protection Does[…]